The Beach Life in Daytona Beach Florida

The Beach Life in Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach is one of the best-known names in the United States, especially in Florida. Many people are looking for a fun vacation there, while others want to find a calm corner to retire. Whatever you want, a gorgeous beach can become a part of it.

But what’s Daytona Beach life like? And how can you move there and buy a house most easily?

Well, the life is in order thanks to controlling institutions. The basic security is then wrapped in breathtaking views, a powerful ocean, lots of shopping and accommodation opportunities, and tourists. Or, if you go deeper, there’s serene nature and a minimal number of people. It’s warm and beautiful, and we’ll talk more about beach life a little later.

Now, to real estate. If you’re seriously thinking about moving to Daytona Beach or any nearby town, the first thing to do is to invest in a house. Professional agents will help you find the perfect Daytona Beach Real Estate for the most suitable price.

They will:

  • Find the best deals;
  • Choose location according to your demands;
  • Provide additional services when needed.

Have you already imagined making the first step into your new house? Then let’s get into the technicalities of your future beach life!

Things to Know About Daytona Beach Life

The beach is open for everyone 24/7. You can walk there in the evening to relax after work or take a bicycle ride to compensate for the monotonous day of sitting in front of a computer. When the weather gets worse or there are serious tides, the beach may be closed. 

But after living nearby for a long time, you’ll know what days are good for walks and what aren’t.

If you own a car and want to park it to spend a whole day on the beach, keep in mind that parking lots are open from 8 am to 7 pm May to October and from the very sunrise to sunset from November to April.

Let’s Talk Money

Here are some things to know cost-wise:

  • Walkers and bicyclists don’t have to pay to go to the beach;
  • If you choose a car ride, there’s a standard fee of $20 for one day for one car to enter the area;
  • If you’re moving to Volusia County and become a resident, there will be no fees to pay in December and January;
  • You can get access to the beach for a year for only $100;
  • Again, being a resident of the aforementioned county saves you 75%, so you only pay $25.


The famous lifeguard service is very active in Daytona Beach, looking after everyone, keeping them safe. Besides, you can find lots of useful information on their stands like when the tide is coming, if it’s OK to surf now, and what the temperature of the ocean is.

It’s safe, affordable, and beautiful. What else does one want? One vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida will make you desire to move there permanently.